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About Us

Walpole isn't just our job, it's our way of life.

Burton Realty is a small family owned business founded in 1994, run and staffed by locals who love where they live.

The Burton family came to Walpole in 1927 as part of the land settlement scheme that opened up the area for farming and bolstered the Walpole township. Joe Burton grew up in Walpole and began selling property out of Denmark in 1978. In 1994 he founded the first Real Estate office in Walpole, with the intent to provide a local perspective for those captivated by the area.

Burton Realty provides corporate sponsorship for a number of community and sporting groups in the area, as well as sporting events such as the Pioneer Cup and the Walpole In The Trees Regatta.

These local ties give us a great insight into the Walpole regional community, and allow us to offer anyone purchasing a property in the area a year’s free membership to either the Walpole Yacht Club or the Walpole Country Club. We feel that part of our responsibility in selling you a property is to help you connect with your new community, and provide a smooth transition into small town living.

Meet Our Staff

Our staff are local and are very passionate about the Walpole-Nornalup region.  Who else can provide you the best possible advise on the right type pf property to buy. Equally, our local knowledge and experience means we know the local market better than anyone, ensuring our vendors get the very best advice when it comes to pricing, method of sale and how best to market your property to ensure you get the best possible price when selling your property.


Holly Jones

Property Management & Administration

Holly is our Property Manager and Office All-Rounder. She grew up in the area and spends a lot of her free time out exploring the southern coast. If you have any questions about property management (or where to find the best beaches) Holly's your go-to person!

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Joe Burton

Principal/ Licencee

Joe is the licensee, owner and namesake of Burton Realty, and no-one knows the area better. 

Joe has been selling property in the Walpole/Denmark region for over forty years, in between his various Country Football and community commitments.


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Jamie Dunross

Sales Consultant

Jamie joined Burton's team in 2014, having moved from the city to Walpole to follow his dream of farming and living off the land. Jamie has a deep love for sailing and holds a gold medal from the 2000 Sydney Paralympics. He was instrumental in setting up the Walpole In The Trees Regatta, a sailing event which takes place every year on the Walpole-Nornalup Inlets.

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Peter Bannister

Sales Consultant

Peter is a fixture of the Walpole township, having sold properties in the area for the last fifteen years. You can name any street between Walpole and Denmark and Peter will say 'I sold a house down there'.